Take your coaching to the next level

Candoora helps you to level up your coaching in companies and allows you to build a scalable SaaS business by giving you co-ownership in the platform.

Candoora enables you to:

  • Effectively coach remotely

    Remotely coach leadership

    Help your customers to successfully implement lasting leadership competence

  • Analyze your coaching impact

    Analyze your coaching impact

    Keep track of your coaching impact and find your clients improvement areas though Candoora's analytics

  • Benefit financially

    Benefit financially

    Profit from Candoora's software revenues or a company share model which let's you participate in Candoora's value increase

This is how it works

What we are

We support making coaching a more data driven, efficient and long lasting experience. Save coaches time and build a better foundation for focus areas and next training iterations. We provide you valuable software tools and co-ownership in Candoora.

What we are not

We are not trying to substitute human interaction between coaches and coachees. We believe real live interaction is absolutely necessary and relevant.

You want to build your own scalable software business?

Building software is expensive and we believe that your time is much better invested by doing what you already good at. Just in a more efficient way.

Using our software together with your clients will automatically make you a shareholder in Candoora. Yes, you will participate in the value increase of our company or you can choose to go for a revenue share. Your choice! We see you as a partner and co-owner, not as a customer!