Engagement & Performance tools supported by AI copilots

A modern way to implement lasting employee engagement by taking advantage of artificial intelligence

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Happy and successful employees through modern leadership

The only Employee Engagement & Performance platform including ChatGPT based copilots

Engagement & Performance software can be powerful but we know that sometimes tools alone are not enough. We deeply integrated the intelligence of ChatGPT to maximize your people's leadership skills.

Candoora Software provides well known tools for modern leadership and spices them up with ChatGPT based intelligence

A good leader needs to help align on goals, coach direct reports, engage employees and help prioritize tasks. Our software does structure these expectations and the AI copilots help getting it right.
The copilots help to multiply leadership development and increase employee engagement.

Engage the whole company by aligning on goals together

The silicon valley proofed OKR framework helps adopting to the ever changing challenges of organizations. Encourage autonomy and self-organisation in teams without loosing focus of company goals.

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Overview of OKR list selected by team

Easily run effective and engaging 1on1 meetings

Follow the experts 1on1 meeting structures to get to the core of important information exchange and bi-directional feedback loops. Never miss out on accountability again.

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one on one meeting template

Organize and communicate prios and focus individually or in a team

Collect all tasks and iniciatives from OKRs, meetings, career plans and all other apps in one central kanban board. Managing your day-to-day workload was never this easy.

Kanban board overview for teams and private items

Run (automated) surveys to have a pulse on your people

As a modern organization, you must know how your workforce ticks, what they have on their minds and most importantly: Follow up on requests to show you are listening. Welcome to the power of Candoora surveys.

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Employee and customer surveys. Can be analyzed by questions or tags and includes anonymous conversations

Build a healthy feedback culture

A leader's most important job is to motivate her employees. Giving feedback and praise is THE lowest-cost way of doing just that. Use Candoora's AI enabled feedback tools to train, measure and improve the feedback culture in your company.

AI driven feedback tool to learn, measure and improve a happy feedback culture

Successfully develop and implement career plans

One of the most powerful pillar for employee engagement and motivation is the development of the employees career. Retain your talent by helping them to create the best version of themselves.

Document and measure implementation and progress of career plans

What our partners think

“Candoora is the first software solution that has a lasting impact on me because I am part of it. I was looking for an engagement tool for leadership development, surveys, and documentation of meetings & training. Candoora offers even more for my clients and me."

Sarah Jochimsen, founder, trainer and leadership manager

Sarah Jochimsen

Founder, Trainer and Leadership manager
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“In my view, Candoora offers a unique, everyday leadership solution: for a company to be successful, we need personnel development, clear goals, but also helpful feedback and overarching communication channels. Without a dynamic everyday life, many more organizations would implement this in the long term and be happy about strong growth. Candoora helps teams to combine both with clear structures for team leadership through the innovative software and with the help of AI to master the dynamic everyday life!"

Simon Kentsch, HR professional

Simon Kentsch

HR Professional
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“Candoora uniquely combines the clarity of structure with the power of ChatGPT. In my experience, this is the perfect combination to facilitate sustainable change. Focusing on engagement is the best lever to unlock the power of the organization. I know many companies that are looking for ways to increase productivity. And I don't understand why so many don't come up with the obvious solution: fostering employee engagement by turning their managers into true leaders.”

Jonas Geißler, management transformation consultant

Jonas Geißler

Management Transformation Consultant
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