Productive and meaningful meetings

Well run meetings create a lot of productivity, save time and costs. Regular 1:1s increase an employee's engagement by factor 3. Make sure your leaders are on top of that.

About the power of meetings

A great aspect for your business improvement

71% of meetings worldwide are unproductive. We make sure that you are part of the other 29%. An effective meeting is a well-thought-out and productive use of your team’s time. Applying a pre-defined well proven structure is the first and easy to apply step.

Establish positive work relationships

One on One meetings are a great way to establish positive work relationships and proactively address issues. Establish effective one on one meetings between managers and direct reports by providing meeting templates that are well proven to have an impact.

The best way to ensure the success of your company's OKRs

Having company and team OKRs is a first great way to ramp up your company's success. However, it is not enough to have them defined. Great leaders align with their direct reports on the individual OKRs on a weekly base. Making sure that direction, accountability and responsibility is clear.